Steve’s Musings


Fall is a really beautiful time of year. The temperatures are pleasant (I enjoy wearing a jacket and hat rather than being too hot), the leaves are beautiful, the harvest continues to come in from our garden, there’s a certain mellowness to life. I feel that way about my own life also. I am in […]

Business coaching

I have just added business coaching to the menu of services I offer. I act as a sounding board or catalyst. Some companies realize they have a problem and don’t know how to tackle it themselves. As an outside, objective person, I provide honest, constructive feedback and suggestions for handling situations allowing you to explore […]

Love Now!

Everything is new and ever changing. Everything is the same, timeless. How can we experience the exciting freshness of life while centered in eternity? That is the challenge of life. We are eternal beings living in temporary bodies in a temporary world. Fresh, new opportunities present themselves to us daily. We need to learn to […]

Lost and found

Yesterday’s blog got lost in cyberspace when I clicked on the wrong button while trying to publish it. My wife works second shift and often gets to bed around two. I’m a light sleeper, often wake up and sometimes have difficulty getting back to sleep as I did last night. So, I got up did […]

Family values

I’ve been asked to get up early tomorrow morning and go to the county building to address the commission regarding gay marriages. It seems they’re considering passing a resolution supporting a proposal that the state of Michigan pass a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriages. There is already a state law on the books. What motive […]

How big is your God?

Here in the Grand Rapids area we have had an interfaith Thanksgiving service the past couple of years. It has been organized by GRACE (Grand Rapids Area Center for Ecumenism), the Interfaith Dialogue Association and others. Last year, I participated in it at a Conservative Jewish temple. I played guitar with a Hindu group that […]

Acceptance of life

Today I spoke with my 79 year old mother on the phone. We talked for around two hours and the time passed quickly. She thought it was around an hour. It’s amazing how much more positive she’s become in the past ten years or so in spite of, or because of, dealing with two or […]

A new day

Days change, coming and going. Newness is ever present. Each new day is an opportunity to reappraise our lives, to see what is working and what is not. It’s good to give projects we undertake a fair chance to make it, to see if they bear fruit or not, to determine if they are worth […]

Hurray for a quitter

I am more and more impressed with Arianna Huffington the more I learn about her. I enjoy what I read by and about her in, what I hear on the news and now that she has withdrawn from the race for California governor. She’s not a spoiler like Ralph Nader, who I used to […]

Experience the joy

Life is a wonderful mystery that we are all a part of. Everything, everyone is connected. We are even connected to the God, Ground of All Being, Source of All Life and Love that is behind the whole thing and within the whole and every part of it. If only we could see and feel […]