Love Now!

Everything is new and ever changing. Everything is the same, timeless. How can we experience the exciting freshness of life while centered in eternity? That is the challenge of life. We are eternal beings living in temporary bodies in a temporary world. Fresh, new opportunities present themselves to us daily. We need to learn to take full advantage of them yet not get caught up in the illusory nature of this world. Working with detachment, surrendering the fruits of our labor to the good of all in love, we need to give more than we take. The greatest thing we can give is love. Love for all, love for God, LOVE.

Love is our true nature. Love is God’s true nature. Love makes the world go round. The more we can love, the more we become an instrument of love. The more we give love away, the more we get. Becoming transparent via-medias of love is the goal. Letting the self be connected to the Supreme Self as a channel for love is the secret of real success in life.

When we learn to love purely, we will realize our true nature and be blissful in this life as well as in the next. When we become self-realized, we become liberated from the cycle of birth and death attaining our place in the eternal spiritual world which is full of knowledge and bliss. No more illusion. No more suffering. Living in the light of God. Living, loving being in eternity, here, now eternally. Yes!

In love,


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