Lost and found

Yesterday’s blog got lost in cyberspace when I clicked on the wrong button while trying to publish it. My wife works second shift and often gets to bed around two. I’m a light sleeper, often wake up and sometimes have difficulty getting back to sleep as I did last night. So, I got up did some devotional readings then got on the internet to do more reading.

I went to VNN – Vaishnava News Network – News Desk to see what is going on in the Hindu sect I belonged to thirty years ago. I read an interesting article VNN Editorial – Gaudiya Matha And Lalita Prasada by Swami B.V. Tripurari which then led me to his website. There I found a link to A life in Letters :: 1967 where I was quite surprised to find some early letters from my guru to me (Subala) and my wife (Krishna devi) from 1967. At that time we were starting Krishna temples in Santa Fe and Los Angeles.

I have an autobiography in progress and these letters will prove useful in the writing of it. I have been out of touch with this group for many years. However, I still experience a sense of loss and longing for a very idealistic, spiritual lifestyle that was corrupted by misuse of religious power. It’s too bad that religions based on love and devotion can be used for power and oppression.

Om shanti,


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