Family values

I’ve been asked to get up early tomorrow morning and go to the county building to address the commission regarding gay marriages. It seems they’re considering passing a resolution supporting a proposal that the state of Michigan pass a constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriages. There is already a state law on the books. What motive could they possibly have other than religious beliefs. Kent county is a bastion of conservative Christian values. However the realities of the 21st century are beginning to crack that veneer. So there is a reactionary backlash.

There is no agreement among Christians on the issue of gay marriage, yet these so-called representatives of the people want to impose their brand of “Christian values” on the rest of us. What ever happened to separation of church and state? I don’t care if certain clergy do not want to perform gay marriages because of their religious beliefs. However, they should not try to stop clergy like me from doing so. Whether it is legal or not, I will perform gay unions because God’s blessings are available for all persons. The main point is that the state should offer equal protection under the law to all citizens and not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Marriage has religious implications if a religious ceremony is desired. It also has civil, legal implications and the same protections and benefits offered to heterosexuals should be available for homosexuals. They are also family units and their family values should be respected and protected. Many have children and long-term stable relationships. Let’s not limit our concept of a family. We are all part of the family of God.

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