Steve’s Musings


I have been working on my autobiographical spiritual journey, Saffron, for about 20 years off and on (more off than on). The manuscript is still in process, and I did not think it was ready to publish even on my website. Lately, I have been taking part in an on-line forum called Gaudiya Discussions where […]

Above and Beyond

I am happy to announce that effective April 15th I am moving my office to Above and Beyond, a new body, mind, spirit shop located next to the Wealthy Theatre at 1136 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506. I walked by Saturday on my way to a meeting at the Wealthy Theatre and stopped […]

Why not have it all?

My guru Bhaktivedanta Swami said, “Godhead is light. Nescience is darkness. Where there is Godhead there is no nescience.” If one is in God consciousness, one can live in, work and enjoy the pleasures of the material world without attachment. Indeed, the material world becomes spiritualized when one is engaged in service of God. Therefore, […]

Man and God

Jesus was just a man going through what he went through. He had no idea of his messianic identity and certainly did not consider himself God. We see a progression in the gospels from Mark to John as Jesus becomes more and more Godlike. This is a result of the theological developments of his disciples. […]

Follow Jesus

Too many Christians want to put Jesus on a pedestal and worship him rather than accept his instructions to “Follow me” become his disciple. Orthodox Christian teachings declare Jesus to be fully human and fully God. Only looking at Jesus as God is a heresy popularly known as Jesusolatry. Yet, other Christians prefer to focus […]

All we need is love

The nectar of devotion to Sri Sri Radha Krishna, the divine couple who are the fullest manifestation of the Godhead is such a thing that once it gets in your system, one cannot get it out. It is bitter sweet. It is so attractive that one cannot get enough of it. Yet sometimes one wants […]

Spiritual community

Through the internet, I have been able to revive some of my connections with the school of devotional yoga that I followed for the past 37 years. It is really good to be able to communicate with persons who share deep spiritual connections. Unfortunately, there is a lot of sectarianism and divisiveness there also. It […]

Dealing with paradox

Life is perfect, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, spring is blooming. My wife and I just took a very pleasant walk in the woods by a creek. Driving home we passed MLK Park. I saw the sign saying there is a swimming pool there. I immediately became angry at the thought that the […]


I know you’re just dying to know why I haven’t blogged the past couple of days. Well, sometimes just living rather than reflecting on life takes over. What can I say? Friends came over for dinner Friday night, spring and the crocuses bloomed on Saturday along with a peace rally attended by over 300 people […]

Climate change and politics

This article outlines the political and economic implications of climate change and how the Bush administration is not dealing with the problem. – Climate Change Alert. Don’t be fooled.