Dealing with paradox

Life is perfect, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, spring is blooming. My wife and I just took a very pleasant walk in the woods by a creek. Driving home we passed MLK Park. I saw the sign saying there is a swimming pool there. I immediately became angry at the thought that the pool will probably be closed this summer because the city has no money to maintain it. The city is laying off workers, the roads are in poor condition, schools are under funded, cutbacks are everywhere. The state is on a lean and mean budget due to lack of revenues. Jobs are leaving never to return. The federal government is running at a huge deficit while taxes are cut for the rich and billions are spent on a senseless war and occupation in Iraq. Ads to reelect Bush portray a man who can’t wipe the smirk off his face for a minute as he contemplates how he’s fooled and misled millions and hopes to be able to do so for four more years. Life is perfect, but it would be a lot more perfect if we can elect Kerry in the fall. Not that the Democrats are without their faults, but they’re not as bad. Meanwhile, look on the bright side, enjoy life as much as possible, be hopeful, work for change in whatever ways you can, don’t give up. This too shall pass. This is a perfect opportunity for you to shine and make a positive contribution to life in your own unique way.



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