Spiritual community

Through the internet, I have been able to revive some of my connections with the school of devotional yoga that I followed for the past 37 years. It is really good to be able to communicate with persons who share deep spiritual connections. Unfortunately, there is a lot of sectarianism and divisiveness there also. It seems that whenever any religion becomes too organized, rigid, fundamentalist and literalist, it suffers and those who follow it suffer. How to be free, alive and independent in one’s beliefs and practices while still maintaining spiritual community is a challenge. As I say, the internet helps. My wife and I are also looking into a local co-housing community that is forming as well as other options. BTW, I must say I also availed myself of the services of Steven Allen today. Steven is a practitioner of manual manipulation and electronic acupuncture in the office next to mine. His treatment was excellent, and I highly recommend him. He also teaches martial arts and is a Buddhist. How can I not mention my accountant, Scott Brewer of Century Small Business Solutions, who I also saw today about preparing my taxes. What would I do without him? So, community is available both near and far, in traditional and non-traditional forms. May you be blessed by good associations.



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