All we need is love

The nectar of devotion to Sri Sri Radha Krishna, the divine couple who are the fullest manifestation of the Godhead is such a thing that once it gets in your system, one cannot get it out. It is bitter sweet. It is so attractive that one cannot get enough of it. Yet sometimes one wants to give it up all together. What goal can be higher than the desire to live in the eternal spiritual abode of Vrindaban as an eternal associate of Radha and Krishna assisting them in culminating their amorous love affairs. When I read about these pastimes 38 years ago, I immediately became attracted and remain so to this day.

It was so refreshing to read about God as the supreme lover rather than a terrible, fearful, vengeful God as is so often portrayed in the Judeo-Christian religions and which is causing such a stir in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion.” Even as a Christian, I do not believe God is that way. I much prefer the concept of “God is love” as described in 1 John. Jesus also made it clear, love God, love your neighbor and love yourself. This is also the essence of Jewish teaching.

Why is society so lacking in love? Why after all these thousands of years does humankind as a whole still not get it? Why do we commit atrocities against one another in the name of God, religion and the nation? I pray that love may someday win. It always does in the end.



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