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Climate change continued

Here is the executive summary and the complete Pentagon report on climate change. EMS – An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario. Remember, be prepared. Blessings, Steve

Climate change is real and serious

February 23, 2004, I blogged on Pentagon reports about extreme climate change found in the London Observer. It seems Fortune magazine has also picked up on this. – Intro – The Pentagon’s Weather Nightmare. There is also a major motion picture coming out in May dealing with the subject. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Evidence […]

Above the law?

It seems sports are more of a religion than the Catholic church. Policing themselves: Sports leagues, not courts, can handle violence that occurs during competition. We used to think it was fine for the church to police itself. Now even priests and bishops are held accountable in court for their actions. Are hockey players a […]

Protect the future

Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. RADICAL REVIVAL: SDS leader from ’60s tells GVSU students to sign on, get involved. The future really belongs to the young. They need to take action to insure that they will be able to live the kind of lives they desire. It’s only when we […]

Protecting minority rights

The Press editor is right when he says the legislature did the right thing by not passing a call for a constitutional amendment, but he is wrong in saying that the courts should not get involved in the process of protecting gay rights. A good case for restraint State law defines marriage; no need at […]

Cyber pilgrimage

The internet is just great. I can sit in my study in Grand Rapids and listen to authentic devotional chanting from India, Raganuga Bhakti – Kirtana, read hard to obtain devotional literature Raganuga Bhakti – Literature and tour the holy places of Braja – Articles. I spent three years living in India as a […]

Love and marriage

I totally agree with this Press editorial Untying the knot: Mandatory premarital counseling an undue intrusion into lives There is way too much emphasis in West Michigan on imposing government official’s personal religious views on the general public. When I first moved here in 1999, I became aware of the Grand Rapids Marriage Policy which […]

Interesting times

I really enjoy living in Grand Rapids. I have a nice, old home on the east side. It’s close to downtown, Eastown and East Grand Rapids where there are many fun things to do. I have an interesting circle of friends. Life is good. When I first moved here after four years in Valley City, […]

Perfect or imperfect?

How often do we put up with imperfect persons, situations, jobs, relationships, living conditions, etc.? Why are we so conditioned, brainwashed into thinking that’s just the way life is. Why do we accept less than we desire or deserve? How long will we allow ourselves to live small, unsatisfying lives? If you’re ready for a […]

A sweet life

I just watched “A Concert for George” for the second time. Great Performances . Concert for George | PBS It was on PBS last night, and I taped it. What a great concert. What a tribute to a life well lived. George Harrison had a profound influence on the lives of millions of people through […]