Steve’s Musings

My Position

I do not accept “easy universalizing.” I rankle at impersonalist rhetoric which often casually equates the individual living entity with God. I oppose fundamentalist interpretations of religion. I oppose religious traditions that oppress their followers. I find no one spiritual/religious tradition which I can totally embrace without some disagreement. Differences do make a difference. However, […]

Matthew Fox

I have been very influenced my Matt Fox. I read a number of books by him and heard him speak in person several times. He played a major role in allowing me to bridge the gap between Vaishnavism and Christianity. I used his book The Coming of the Cosmic Christ as the basis for my […]

Global Warming

While “The Day After Tomorrow” is said to be more science fiction than science, there is real scientific evidence behind it. Check out what the Union of Concerned Scientists has to say about Global Warming. Be concerned, Steve

The Path of Love

“The Path of Love” got off to a great start this evening. Several of us enjoyed devotional chanting and Bhagavad Gita study. This will be on going, Thursday evenings, 7:30 pm, at Above and Beyond, 1136 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI. Come and join us. No previous experience or knowledge is required, just an […]

Vacation and Vocation

After two weeks of vacation, visiting family and friends, staying at a resort in the Poconos and driving almost two thousand miles, it’s good to be home, back to my routines and the work I enjoy so much. It makes me feel pretty good about my life that I enjoy work and home life as […]

A fun place to be

It’s so good to have an office in a place that is fun to just hang out. Yesterday morning, I came in a little after nine to meet with a couple that wants me to marry them. In the evening, my wife and I were looking for something fun to do. What did we do? […]

Above and Beyond

Despite road work right in front of the shop, Above and Beyond is coming along quite well. We had a wonderful drum circle there Tuesday night. About 25 people attended. There were three races represented, gay and straight, old and young, all enjoying a most pleasant evening of music and fellowship in a relaxed living […]

Binary stars

I am very happy to see that modern scientists and researchers are seriously examining the precession of the equinoxes based on the premise that our sun orbits around another star which is its binary companion. This is the basis of the system of sidereal astrology derived from Vedic astrology which I use. It takes into […]

Update 4.4

With spring here, I’ve been doing an increased number of pre-marital interviews, planning weddings and performing weddings. I’m preaching “Perfect or Imperfect, It’s Your Choice” and doing A Perfect Life Workshop at the LakeShore Interfaith Institute this Sunday. I’m also planning A Perfect Life Workshop, The Gathering and The Path of Love to be presented […]

Conscious living

Life flows on in a mysterious process all its own. We’re born, grow up, get indoctrinated into the culture, fill various roles, get old, get sick, die. Too many persons go through this process without seriously questioning why. I am constantly amazed by how many people buy into the status quo, swallow the propaganda and […]