Steve’s Musings


The soul awakening to itself, its spiritual nature and its relationship to the Supreme is a joy to behold. It is like a flower blooming in the early spring. After the long winter, the clouds, snow and cold, the blossoming bud is a sign of hope for the future. Life will not always be dull […]

How perfect

Wow! What an incredible past few days it’s been. I’m leading Perfect Life workshops and of course using the Perfect Life program in my own life. What wonderful results and energy have been coming to me. Having a vision and intention, writing it down, declaring, claiming it, being open to the universe…all these things are […]

No politics!

And while I’m at it, let me say “no politics” either. What a bunch of crap. No wonder we’re not supposed to talk about religion or politics, they both stink. Oh, John Lennon, where are you when we need you? “Imagine!” Steve

No religion!

Religious debates and theological discussions can be so boring and uninspiring when persons just want to argue their position. Religious dogma kills real theological inquiry. Those from alternative, “new age” persuasions can be as dogmatic as their more conservative counterparts. As for me, I have a life to live, things to do as I walk […]

Climate change

I normally check my email in the morning, and this morning I was greeted with disturbing news from the United Communities of Spirit (UCS) forum. One of the disturbing posts was this one, The Observer | International | Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us. In 1979, I was the state networker […]

The Passion

Yesterday, I read Gibson’s gospel, an article by the Grand Rapids Press Religion Editor about Mel Gibson’s new movie. Frankly, it amazes me why anyone would want to make or watch such a movie. I certainly will not see it. Just reading about it disgusts me. I have a hard time watching the crucifixion scenes […]


I embrace a transcendent spiritual dimension that is beyond this material universe as well as permeating it in a different dimension. I do not disagree that God is an all pervading energy and that in fact all energy is God’s energy. On one level, there is nothing but God. I agree that God is love. […]

The divine couple

While I admit that we can never totally conceive of God with our conscious minds and that God has both impersonal and personal aspects, is it not possible for God to reveal God’s self to us? What if rather than imposing our personal conceptions on God, God imposed God’s personhood on us, and we are […]

Another view of gay marriage

Wow! My friend Spence sent me this link. What an eye opener regarding the history of same sex unions in the church dating back centuries. This is what those who oppose gay marriage do not want us to know. They accuse those who support gay marriage as breaking with 3,000 years of history, but this […]

Gay marriage

I was just reading a post of “Gay marriage isn’t what it used to be” by Richard Louv when I got a call from my friend Fred Stella, President of the Interfaith Dialogue Association, asking me to tape a radio show with him Friday on the issue of gay marriage. He said that any facts […]