Steve’s Musings

New office

It’s official. I’m now in my new office at Above and Beyond, 1136 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506. Why not stop by and see me sometime? The shop is very nice. There’s a tea and coffee bar, candles, incense, jewelry, books, clothing, CDs and lots of other great things including the people who […]

In process

I have been an adherent of process theology for quite some time now. We and all creation are constantly in process. God is also in process. God is not static but dynamic. Our relationship to God is also dynamic and in process. We do not have to do things today as they were done yesterday […]

Happy Easter

Here it is Easter again. It’s still cold, cloudy and dreary in this part of the world. Yet as one advances in spiritual maturity, spring blooms eternal in the soul. When our light shines within, it overcomes any darkness outside. It’s nice for Jesus that he was resurrected from the dead almost 2,000 years ago, […]

Finding a balance

I have just been reading Gaudiya Discussions -> A Rational Approach to Modernizing which very intelligently deals with how to modernize the teachings of Krishna Chaitanya and his followers so that intelligent Westerners may benefit from these spiritual teachings. The intersection of science and religion is also discussed. While I do not agree with everything […]

Thom Hartmann

I was recently introduced to the Thom Hartmann radio program. It is good to hear someone on the radio who speaks openly and honestly about current events from a progressive point of view. I have been an avid listener of NPR, but now by comparison they sound very bland. In Grand Rapids, MI, he is […]

Sexual balance

While there are certainly physical differences between men and women, I believe a more androgynous psychological balance between the male and female aspects of the personality, between the anima and animus, produces a more whole personality. It is through social engineering, either conscious or unconscious over the millennia, that both physical and psychological traits of […]

Update 4.4.4

I am sorry that it has been three days since my last post. I have been engaged in hot and heavy discussions on Gaudiya Discussions. These are theological discussions about Gaudiya vaishnava philosophy and practice with persons who are learned and experienced in the field. While I have copied some of them, such as the […]

The failure of success

I was inititated by Bhaktivedanta Swami in San Francisco, February, 1967. His movement was very small then, a temple in NY and one in SF, both in storefronts. I consider Bhaktivedanta to be very pure at that time. He went to the West at an old age following the order of his guru with little […]

Good philosophy

I was just rewriting my brochure and referenced a brochure I wrote 22 years ago. In it, I used the following quote from Chaitanya Charitamrita: “Keep these words constantly before your mind: ‘Do not practice hypocritical asceticism like the monkey, to be seen by the people. Enjoy the things of the world which are proper […]


And I ask why there are no calls for impeachment, why many people don’t understand we need regime change and why we can’t believe anything that comes out of the administration. Feds use media to spin truth, correspondent says Question authority! Steve