Experience the joy

Life is a wonderful mystery that we are all a part of. Everything, everyone is connected. We are even connected to the God, Ground of All Being, Source of All Life and Love that is behind the whole thing and within the whole and every part of it. If only we could see and feel this connection, how much more secure, happy and confident we would be. Too many persons have such a limited view of life. It’s not all their fault.

Rather than being born in original sin, we are born in original blessing. We come into life as wonderful radiant beings. Then we learn about lack. We learn we are not good enough, not deserving, not acceptable, etc., etc.. We are taught by our family, friends, school, society, etc. who we are supposed to be. We forget who we are. We buy into the lie. Wake up! Remember your original self. Remember who you were before you were born. Remember who you are. Let the nightmare end and a beautiful life begin.

God loves you,


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