Hurray for a quitter

I am more and more impressed with Arianna Huffington the more I learn about her. I enjoy what I read by and about her in, what I hear on the news and now that she has withdrawn from the race for California governor. She’s not a spoiler like Ralph Nader, who I used to like but have lost respect for in the last two elections. She’s giving her support to Gray Davis. She saw she could not win and decided to support the best of the possible winners. Arianna is a former conservative who became an outspoken progressive. She is willing to say things that may not be popular but need to be said. We need more persons like that. See the article at News | Arianna terminates her candidacy

I don’t have anything against Arnold Scwartzneger except that he’s a Republican and all the baggage that carries with it. Why can’t more persons see that the Republicans have ruined our economy, taken away many of our liberties and made us less safe than we were before. As Arnold says, we need to take back our government.

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