A new day

Days change, coming and going. Newness is ever present. Each new day is an opportunity to reappraise our lives, to see what is working and what is not. It’s good to give projects we undertake a fair chance to make it, to see if they bear fruit or not, to determine if they are worth the effort in time and money that we invest in them. Today is one of those kind of days for me. After six months, I decided not to continue The Gathering. It was taking too much time and effort for the results I was getting. Two options I had for expanding it fell through and other options would have involved too much of a financial commitment. So, The Gathering is officially on hiatus until its success seems more feasible.

Meanwhile, I am focusing more energy on the aspects of my ministry that are working. I am also appreciative of some of the relationships I formed through The Gathering and will continue. I am also glad that I at least gave it a try. At least I’m not left wondering “What if?” Follow your dreams and your passions. When they no longer have energy let them go and dream anew. Today doesn’t have to be the same as yesterday.

I’m glad that last week I followed my dream of getting a new computer and software so that today I could update my website from home in a timely manner.



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