Acceptance of life

Today I spoke with my 79 year old mother on the phone. We talked for around two hours and the time passed quickly. She thought it was around an hour. It’s amazing how much more positive she’s become in the past ten years or so in spite of, or because of, dealing with two or three kinds of cancer and other aches and pains. She told me how she just pre-paid her funeral, how her assets would be divided up upon her death and how she had prepared for the possibility that she may have to go in a nursing home. All arrangements are made so that my brothers, sister and I will not have to worry about anything.

My mother is not a religious woman and hardly ever goes to church. Yet she has a strong faith. She says that when God is ready to take her she’s ready to go. She enjoys her life and wants to see me do the same.

It’s never too late to grow. I am impressed by how many really good and cool old people there are. Abby Hoffman said, “Don’t trust anyone over thirty.” Then he said, “Don’t trust anyone under thirty.” I’ve found that a person really can’t be judged by their age. I’ve known closed minded, narrow, nasty young persons, and open, broad minded, loving older persons as well as the other way around. We’re all unique individuals with a unique mission here on earth. We need to realize who we are, what our mission is and do our best to fulfill it. What more is there in life? Love and be loved.



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