Free your mind

The seasons change and so do I. Life is a constant process of change. It never stays the same unless we’re stuck and blind to what’s going on around us. Every day is new, fresh and fragrant. We can enjoy the beauty of the sun shimmering on the leaves of the tree outside our window or the refreshing rain pouring down. Life is a miracle to be lived fully. Live life large; not some puny life that someone else has mapped out for you. It’s your choice.

I read that sharks are a popular aquarium fish. They adjust to the size of the tank they are raised in only growing to a small size. To grow to its full size, a shark needs to swim in the ocean and be free. It’s the same with us. Our consciousness only grows to the size of the limits we set for ourselves. Free your mind. Swim in the vast ocean of life and realize your full potential. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Have a great life,


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