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Radha-Krishna’s Desire

12 “For a long time I have not given the gift of prema-bhakti. Without bhakti the world has no stability. 13 In all the world they have vidhi-bhakti for me. [But] in vidhi-bhakti there is no power to gain the bhava of Braj. 14 All the world is involved in knowledge of my divinity. But […]

Radha-Krishna and Friends Personal Information

Forty years ago in Vrindaban India, I translated the attached chart with the help of a Gaudiya Math devotee named Purushottam Das (?). It contains the age, appearance, and detailed personal information about Krishna, Radha, her eight chief girlfriends, and their main manjaris. Traditional raganuga devotees use this information to meditate on the players in […]

Watercolour class

How does an artist, or say a philosopher, apply for a job? What would be his-her resume?