Radha-Krishna and Friends Personal Information

Forty years ago in Vrindaban India, I translated the attached chart with the help of a Gaudiya Math devotee named Purushottam Das (?). It contains the age, appearance, and detailed personal information about Krishna, Radha, her eight chief girlfriends, and their main manjaris. Traditional raganuga devotees use this information to meditate on the players in Braj lila. Ages are given as years.months.days. Note that Krishna is 15.9.7.

Radha and her eight girlfriends are fourteen and all married as was then customary in India. According to Vishwanath Chakravarti, after this life, perfected devotees go to the universe where Radha-Krishna now incarnate, and they are born as one of their associates before going to the spiritual Braj. This is problematic since everything we know of Radha-Krishna is mythological rather than historical as we currently understand these terms. We are dealing with archetypal beings rather than historical personalities.

For those who prefer to mediate on Radha-Krishna and friends in a traditional way, this chart is most helpful. Followers of Universalist Radha-Krishnaism are free to alter details as needed and adapt characters to contemporary aesthetic ideals. Rather than incarnating with Radha-Krishna in another material universe, perfected natural devotion practitioners go directly to the spiritual Braj at the time of death.

Click to open the attached pdf chart: Radha-Krishna & Friends

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  1. Spirits says:

    Thanks agian,
    I am glad i am not the only one who wanted to go to spiritual braja after death instead of incarnate with Rai and Kanu,{not that i think its a bad thing either 🙂 } either way im trying to perfect my spiritualisation.