Watercolour class

How does an artist, or say a philosopher, apply for a job? What would be his-her resume? “You see, sir, I have a vision, and by reflecting on several metaphors I’ve acquired through my youth and study, and applying all that through a mixed media of experience and colours, I’ve made this special piece.” It won’t work, of course, because art and the essential feeling behind it is impossible to quantify, and that by definition defy the definable purpose of this society which measures everything using rulers of economy, religion and morality.

So how should I summon myself before you in this humble column, my dear friend? How should I quantify myself? Perhaps it’s best if I tell a story that points to my intention.

Watercolour splash

I was practising watercolour painting in a class with lots of young students around. The motif was a quite interesting twiggy vine tree and its different intricate textures and colours – a perfect Mediterranean-flavoured image to exercise flow of colour and develop our brush skills. A teacher was supervising and helping those in need.

A little fellow came to him and complained about the tools he used – “Mister teacher, my brush is completely broken. It doesn’t want to paint nicely. This here is all wrong.” His brush was fine, of course, but my teacher took young fellow’s watercolour sheet, dipped his finger into the jar of water and fixed the problem with a slow twist of a thumb in a wet paint.

“This is the best brush you can get”, teacher answered and smiled to us. I’ve embraced and engraved that prescient advice deep in my heart. What’s the better way to explain natural expression of devotion anyway?

– Zvonimir

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  1. Excellent analogy. Thanks.