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Tulsi Gabbard for President?

Yesterday, I became aware of this video on Facebook in response to a supporter of Tulsi Gabbard’s post. The person who posted it said, “I really really like her …but the whole Hari Krishna connection she has not spoken about…. being Hindu is great lovely way of life…. Hari Krishna movement is a cult…” Of […]

Radha-Krishna’s Desire

12 “For a long time I have not given the gift of prema-bhakti. Without bhakti the world has no stability. 13 In all the world they have vidhi-bhakti for me. [But] in vidhi-bhakti there is no power to gain the bhava of Braj. 14 All the world is involved in knowledge of my divinity. But […]

An Authentic Life Free Download

An Authentic Life Is an Enjoyable and Insightful Read Full of Adventure, Romance, and Self Realization With a Worldwide Scope and Life Affirming Message An Authentic Life chronicles the spiritual adventures of Steve Bohlert from his post-WWII New York upbringing to his founding of Universalist Radha-Krishnaism in Hawaii–with lengthy stays in the Bay Area, Europe, […]

Natural devotion through karate

Oftentimes I’ve been asked to describe what a natural devotion is compared to practice found in institutionalised forms of Chaitanya Vaishnavism and their branches. In other words, I needed a good story people can imagine, take roles and identify with. I finally got one, and that was — through karate.

Institutionalizing Prema-bhakti

I was doing some web research today and came across this book excerpt by eminent Chaitanya Vaishnav scholar, Joseph T. O’Connell. He concisely and insightfully describes how Chaitanya’s devotional teachings and practices became institutionalized in a soft, symbolic, decentralized manner as opposed to the hard, centralized, coercive institutions later formed by Gaudiya Math and ISKCON. […]