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Tulsi Gabbard for President?

Yesterday, I became aware of this video on Facebook in response to a supporter of Tulsi Gabbard’s post. The person who posted it said, “I really really like her …but the whole Hari Krishna connection she has not spoken about…. being Hindu is great lovely way of life…. Hari Krishna movement is a cult…” Of […]

Natural Devotion 8: No Cult Guru

Drawing on my experience, I warn people of the dangers of a cult while offering an alternative approach to Radha-Krishna devotion.

A Review of Universalist Radha-Krishnaism by Daniel Cooper Clark

Daniel Cooper Clark is one of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami’s original New York disciples. We met at the 26 Second Avenue temple in January 1968 when I visited there from my Santa Fe temple. We later worked together closely at Back to Godhead and the New Age Caucus. I sent him a pdf manuscript of my new book […]

My Initiations

Since the question of my initiation has come up again, let me tell you a little story about myself by way of analogy. In 1976, I received an unaccredited BA in General Studies through Study of Religion and the Whole from Paideia,  a university-without-walls in San Francisco. This was based on my experience with ISKCON […]