A Review of Universalist Radha-Krishnaism by Daniel Cooper Clark

Daniel Cooper Clark is one of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami’s original New York disciples. We met at the 26 Second Avenue temple in January 1968 when I visited there from my Santa Fe temple. We later worked together closely at Back to Godhead and the New Age Caucus. I sent him a pdf manuscript of my new book and asked him to write a review. This is what he said:
Steve Bohlert has dared to break the shackles of fundamentalism to deliver a much-needed re-visioning of an ancient religion of India, giving it new life for those of us in a multicultural 21st Century world.
He has extracted the essence of Bengali Vaishnavism, and while staying true to its person-ality, has planted the seed back into the human body,
so we may again receive the Original Blessing.
I do not hesitate to call Steve Bohlert a prophet, not only as one gifted with spiritual insight, but also as one who foretells the future – of a path that must be something like he sees it or not be at all.
That is, without such a re-birthing of Vaishnavism, its soul will never plant roots in the world at large. The orthodox will of course decry it and condemn him. “The dogs may bark, but the caravan will pass.”
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