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Chaitanya’s Archetypal Possession

Many devotees see the sixteenth century Bengali saint and mystic, Krishna Chaitanya, even in his own lifetime, as an incarnation of Radha-Krishna in one body manifesting the archetype of spiritual androgyny. Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: The Way of Natural Devotion (41) When questioned further about this, I often respond that he experienced archetypal possession. Here’s what I […]

Natural Devotion Trailer

This Natural Devotion Trailer touches on some key points from the playlist. Lalita Prasad Thakur initiated Steve Bohlert into this practice of meditating on becoming a girlfriend of Radha, the Supreme Goddess, which is the goal of Chaitanya Vaishnavism. He uses contemporary western language to explain traditional concepts. A non-dual, panentheistic perspective and self-surrender to […]

Natural Devotion 2: Overview

Hi. This video unpacks the book title and amorous devotion thus providing a summary of the rest of the series.

The Way of Passion

14 The purpose of this avatara [Chaitanya] was to taste the sweetness of the juice of prema-rasa, and to propagate among people the bhakti of the raga-marga. 15 Krishna, the crest-jewel of rasikas, the epitome of mercy and grace, [descended] in the desire to be the source of these two things. 16 “All the world is […]

Radha-Krishna’s Desire

12 “For a long time I have not given the gift of prema-bhakti. Without bhakti the world has no stability. 13 In all the world they have vidhi-bhakti for me. [But] in vidhi-bhakti there is no power to gain the bhava of Braj. 14 All the world is involved in knowledge of my divinity. But […]

Duccio’s block

“There’s nothing worth carving out of this worthless piece of stone”, Italian sculptor Duccio said many centuries ago. Like him, many have said the same lines in all walks of life: from philosophy, human sciences, literature, art, politics, physics, metaphysics, etc. But what we at Universalist Radha-Krishnaism can say? It is not our fault many so called great teachers and thinkers and everyday men who follow them find this world defective. It is not our fault they have zero vision and inspiration to see beyond their own blindness …

Chaitanya on Panentheism

In the Chaitanya Charitamrita (2.8.226-27 & s 52) Prabhu replies to Ramanand, “The mahabhagavata looks at animate and inanimate objects, and everywhere is the glowing of Sri Krishna. They look at animate and inanimate objects, but do not see those images; rather everywhere they see the blossoming of their own ista-deva. ‘He who sees his […]

Gingerbread man’s dreams

It is a sad truth today — man is not only separated from the environment, but is disintegrated even inside, into quanta of incomprehensible, meaningless feelings and thoughts. Nothing holds him together anymore. Let’s explore how this relates to circumstances and change in one society of some 500 years ago.