Chaitanya on Panentheism

In the Chaitanya Charitamrita (2.8.226-27 & s 52) Prabhu replies to Ramanand, “The mahabhagavata looks at animate and inanimate objects, and everywhere is the glowing of Sri Krishna. They look at animate and inanimate objects, but do not see those images; rather everywhere they see the blossoming of their own ista-deva. ‘He who sees his own god in all things of the earth, and sees all things as in his own Bhagavan, he is the greatest of bhagavatas (BP 11.1.45).'”

This profound statement comes right before Chaitanya reveals his true form as Radha-Krishna in one body, which Tony Stewart calls, “theologically, the climax of the book.”

Chaitanya, quoting the Bhagavat Puran, clearly offers a panentheistic view as the perspective of the great devotees of God-dess. This is clearly an incarnate theology that eliminates the duality of nature and spirit. It is later manifested by Ramanand in his service of two temple dancing girls as an enactment of his service to Radha.

Therefore, Universalist Radha-Krishnaism embraces life, nature, body, sex, and all the good things God-dess offers us seeing him-her glowing lovingly through them all. We live life fully on many different levels following God-dess’ lead. Enjoy freely.

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