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Nature of the Absolute (cont.)

God-dess, the highest being, perfectly manifests all auspicious qualities. Undifferentiated Oneness exists as the incomplete manifestation of God-dess, in which the divine attributes and potencies lie dormant. Dr. Kapoor explains: It is primordial sameness, but not a barren stillness; it is indeterminateness, but not an indeterminateness that totally denies distinctions and definiteness; it has distinctions, […]

Nature of the Absolute – Part 2

We are finite, and God-dess is infinite. We cannot limit the infinite with mere human thought and words. We do not want to define a God that is too small and fits neatly in our box. God-dess’ inconceivable potency transcends the law of contradiction, blending contradictory ideas and qualities within him-herself paradoxically.  Since the Absolute […]