Nature of the Absolute (cont.)

God-dess, the highest being, perfectly manifests all auspicious qualities. Undifferentiated Oneness exists as the incomplete manifestation of God-dess, in which the divine attributes and potencies lie dormant. Dr. Kapoor explains:

It is primordial sameness, but not a barren stillness; it is indeterminateness, but not an indeterminateness that totally denies distinctions and definiteness; it has distinctions, but the distinctions are not clearly brought out; it is a creative potentiality, but a potentiality that is eternally actualized in its most perfect state as [God-dess]. (92)

God-dess’ attributes and potencies exist in him-her essentially and eternally and are not unreal or superimposed. God-dess and her-his attributes and energies remain inseparable.

God-dess indulges in spiritual pastimes eternally. God-dess manifests a spiritual body, an eternal abode, and eternal companions. Followers of the path of devotion realize God-dess’ highest, most perfect form. From our perspective, followers of the path of knowledge realize Undifferentiated Oneness, which symbolizes the outward glow or divine luster of God-dess’ spiritual body. Similarly, followers of the path of meditation realize Cosmic Consciousness pervading all.

God-dess’ majestic qualities include:
*supporting and protecting the universe
*unfolding and sustaining the natural function of devotion
*leading devotees to attainment of the transcendental realm
*containing all beings
*existing within all.

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