Nature of the Absolute – Part 2

We are finite, and God-dess is infinite. We cannot limit the infinite with mere human thought and words. We do not want to define a God that is too small and fits neatly in our box. God-dess’ inconceivable potency transcends the law of contradiction, blending contradictory ideas and qualities within him-herself paradoxically. 


Since the Absolute is infinite, everything exists within it. The infinite existence of God-dess logically excludes the existence of anything other than God-dess. All existence consists of the energy of the Absolute, which remains intrinsically related to it. Everything exists within God-dess, and she-he exists within everything. Anything we speak or think must exist as part of the infinite.

Infinity and personality coexist as essential features of the Absolute. Mere denial of qualities and attributes to the Absolute remains imperfect and limiting. God-dess manifests infinite attributes and forms. God-dess’ inconceivable nature implies levels of being and intelligence higher than our own. Naturally, the power of unlimited God-dess appears inconceivable to our finite minds.

God-dess remains without second. God-dess exists as the only reality. Pure self-luminous consciousness forms God-dess’ body. God-dess constitutes the eternal principle, the highest good, and the highest bliss.

God-dess exists as an essential unity above categorical difference. The Absolute is one, but different religions call God-dess by different names. For example, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam acknowledge the same eternal, indivisible, immutable, and perfect Being, immanent in the hearts of all, but they use different names, forms, and attributes to describe God-dess.

While some may say the material world is categorically different from God-dess, it is not self-existent. It depends on God-dess for its existence. God-dess possesses the explanation for its existence within itself–it necessarily exists.  It cannot fail to exist.  It is its very nature to exist.


God-dess’ body and its owner are not two different principles like the difference between the body and soul of living entities in the physical world. God-dess’ body and its owner both consist of consciousness and bliss. The same eternal spiritual principle manifests God-dess’ names, attributes, activities, and abodes. God-dess is not different internally or externally.

God-dess possesses inconceivable power to manifest different forms without losing his-her oneness. God-dess remains one and indivisible yet expands innumerable forms and manifests in infinite ways to persons according to their different tastes, aptitudes, and modes of realization.

God-dess manifests on three clear levels, as Undifferentiated Oneness, Cosmic Consciousness, and personal God-dess according to the three paths of approach–knowledge, meditation, and devotion. Of these three forms, each succeeding form supersedes and philosophically speaking, includes the preceding. God-dess, the highest manifestation, supersedes and includes Undifferentiated Oneness and Cosmic Consciousness.

We identify God-dess with the supreme persons, Radha-Krishna, the source of all incarnations, the ultimate ground of being, in whom infinite grandeur, infinite powers, and infinite modes of divine bliss exist. All scriptures, either explicitly or implicitly, speak of God-dess as the Ultimate Reality. God-dess constitutes the only reality that exists without change before, during, and after the end of creation.


God-dess, the highest being, perfectly manifests all auspicious qualities. Undifferentiated Oneness exists as the incomplete manifestation of God-dess, in which the divine attributes and potencies lie dormant. Dr. Kapoor explains:

It is primordial sameness, but not a barren stillness; it is indeterminateness, but not an indeterminateness that totally denies distinctions and definiteness; it has distinctions, but the distinctions are not clearly brought out; it is a creative potentiality, but a potentiality that is eternally actualized in its most perfect state as [God-dess].

God-dess’ attributes and potencies exist in him-her essentially and eternally and are not unreal or superimposed. God-dess and her-his attributes and energies remain inseparable.

God-dess indulges in spiritual pastimes eternally. God-dess manifests a spiritual body, an eternal abode, and eternal companions. Followers of the path of devotion realize God-dess’ highest, most perfect form. From our perspective, followers of the path of knowledge realize Undifferentiated Oneness, which symbolizes the outward glow or divine luster of God-dess’ spiritual body. Similarly, followers of the path of meditation realize Cosmic Consciousness pervading all.

God-dess’ majestic qualities include:

  • supporting and protecting the universe
  • unfolding and sustaining the natural function of devotion
  • leading devotees to attainment of the transcendental realm
  • containing all beings
  • existing within all.
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