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Sources of Knowledge

“Shabda (revelation) is clearly recognized as the only proper source of knowledge. Sri Chaitanya is represented, in Chaitanya-charitamrita, as saying to Sanatan that the only way to right knowledge is through scriptures…Most philosophers, however, limit themselves to perception and inference as the only sources of knowledge. According to Sri Chaitanya, perception and inference, as based […]

Universalist Radha Krishnaism 2

This is my latest attempt to define Universalist Radha Krishnaism. I will approach it using The Philosophy and Religion of Sri Caitanya by O.B.L. Kapoor. Dr. Kapoor was a dear friend and mentor when I lived in Vrindaban, India in the early 1970s. He was a retired philosophy professor and life long devotee of Radha […]

Greenharvest Funding Defeated!

I am happy to report the Hawaii County Council voted not to accept over $400,000 for Greenharvest operations Wednesday. Angel Pilago, council member and mayoral candidate, changed his mind and voted against the funding as a result of testimony given by me and many other concerned citizens. I congratulated him for having the courage to […]

God-dess Calls Us

God-dess creates and sustains the universe. All creatures and things depend upon God-dess who alone is independent. God-dess is inconceivably, simultaneously immanent and transcendent. We should worship God-dess always and open ourselves to grace, the only way to attain freedom from the seemingly never-ending cycle of birth and rebirth. When one achieves liberation, one does […]

Stop Terrorizing the Community

Yesterday, I met with Rev. Roger Christie head of The Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry and mayoral candidate. He asked me to speak at this morning’s committee meeting. There was a good turn out of persons opposed to cannabis eradication efforts by the police. My wife and I went and testified. This is what I said: To: […]


How can a temple be in the present when it is presided over by a dead statue of a former guru as many ISKCON temples are? They also like to quote Prabhupad as saying “Don’t change anything.” A dead guru, a dead religion focused on the past. This was not Bhaktivinode’s view, and it is […]

Universalist Radha Krishnaism (Part 4)

Dr. Michael Valle and Subal Das continue our conversation: MV: Universalist systems of spirituality are often criticized as being too permissive. You have written that all of the primary religious texts in the world are revealed, although you concede that some may be more advanced than others. How might a person identify a candidate scripture […]

Universalist Radha Krishnaism (Part 3)

Dr. Michael Valle and Subal Das continue our conversation: MV: Are all or many of the primary religious texts in the world, in some significant sense, revealed by God-dess? If so, in what way? SD: Yes. They are revealed scriptures. God-dess is within everyone. When we surrender, our life, will, thoughts and actions to God-dess, […]

Universalist Radha Krishnaism (Part 2)

Dr. Michael Valle and Subal Das continue our discussion of Universalist Radha Krishnaism. MV: Is God-dess present in other religions? If so, in what way? And how do we explain the exclusivism that is often present in religions? SD: God-dess is present in other religions, but usually in a more limited stage of realization. For […]

Universalist Radha Krishnaism

In recent years calls have been made by influential and academic Vaishnavas for a reform of Vaishnavism, particularly, but certainly not solely, as it is practiced in the West. Following Prabhupada’s success in introducing Westerners to the Radha-Krishna-centered Vaishnavism of Chaitanya, many people have yearned for a Radha-Krishna-centered form of spirituality that can be adapted […]