God-dess Calls Us

God-dess creates and sustains the universe. All creatures and things depend upon God-dess who alone is independent. God-dess is inconceivably, simultaneously immanent and transcendent. We should worship God-dess always and open ourselves to grace, the only way to attain freedom from the seemingly never-ending cycle of birth and rebirth.

When one achieves liberation, one does not lose one’s identity and merge with God-dess as non-dualists believe. Rather we maintain our identity in an eternal, loving relationship with God-dess that overflows with bliss. The devotion we practice in this life is purely manifest in the liberated state. Devotion is both the means and the goal.

The objects of this world are real, exist and are different from us. Objective reality is also a gift of God-dess given for our enjoyment and training as we learn and practice our eternal relationship with God-dess. God-dess offers many possibilities for us to choose from. We are free to choose and actualize possibilities that bring us closer or distance us from God-dess. These choices alter our mode of existence in the world. Yet all humans are innately capable of choosing devotion to God-dess who calls us in love.

Scriptures are understood within their socio-political context, and need to be reinterpreted for the present day. Thus while practicing the teachings of Krishna Chaitanya and his followers, these teachings are made fresh and relevant. We live in a multicultural pluralistic world and recognize the relative nature of truth presented through the ages. All true paths lead to God-dess in various features or manifestations.

All humans share a common core of humanity. Yet we are conditioned differently according to our various cultures. Therefore, the various spiritual paths externally differ according to culture while maintaining an inner unity. We should be tolerant and understanding of all religious traditions. The highest paths are those that teach pure love of God-dess.

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