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Science and Religion

I read a couple of physics books and am preparing articles on them that deal with consciousness and cosmology from a quantum perspective. I present my position on science and religion in general before I publish these articles in  this excerpt from my Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: The Way of Natural Devotion; A Practitioner’s Handbook, pp 106-109. […]

Reality, Religion, and Passion

Thus it is important to note the theological point embedded in the devotional exaltation of enjoyment–it is not that enjoyment is the best way to worship Krishna, nor that it is his most characteristic quality, nor even that it is his best. It is that he himself is the quality of enjoyment. Only in enjoyment, in experiencing or “tasting’ him, can we both be and see him.
If Being is enjoyment then we can enjoy as much as we like, wherever and whenever we like, indiscriminately and without prejudice as to the object of our desire. But if it is also attachment, directedness, telos, then this too must be exemplified in an appropriate attitude to our object(s) of desire. (226-7)

Global de-marketing

We live in an overpopulated and over-consumed world, facing an inevitable result of all our actions. But as with every other equation that involves life and its multiple, interdependent variables, the solution to our problem is already inside it.

What Do We Mean by Universalist?

God-dess is present in other religions, but usually in a more limited stage of realization. For example, the Abrahamic religions tend to focus on a male creator God who started out as sort of a storm god, war god or tribal god who gradually evolved to become a more universal God as Karen Armstrong nicely […]