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“There’s nothing worth carving out of this deficient piece of stone”, Italian sculptor Duccio said centuries ago. Like him, many said same lines to describe their gloomy view of life through philosophy, sciences, art, politics etc. Here’s what we at Universalist Radha-Krishnaism say to that.

Duccio’s block

“There’s nothing worth carving out of this worthless piece of stone”, Italian sculptor Duccio said many centuries ago. Like him, many have said the same lines in all walks of life: from philosophy, human sciences, literature, art, politics, physics, metaphysics, etc. But what we at Universalist Radha-Krishnaism can say? It is not our fault many so called great teachers and thinkers and everyday men who follow them find this world defective. It is not our fault they have zero vision and inspiration to see beyond their own blindness …


It was raining last night
but we could feel rain was approaching, many days before
Some gems were falling down
and some pearls scattered from heavens …


Beauty touches and renews our hope when it takes us out of the grid of ordinary time and brings us to another place, a place where history ceases and the weight of memory relents, a place ever ancient and ever new. — John O’ Donohue


God is the source of life. And if God is the source of life, the only way I can worship God is by living fully. And I’ve got to dedicate myself as a follower of this God to building a world where everybody has an opportunity to live fully. — John Shelby Spong


I spend my time, not rejecting the way the Christian story has been understood, but rejecting the literalism that has been imposed upon it. My secular humanist friends would reject the whole story. — John Shelby Spong

Stock market of purity

Everything we do is better to do with love, no matter how small, or how insignificant we think it is. We cannot measure love. Loving attitude is better than purity of any kind, no matter how big the latter one is. Love is a higher principle than purity. Purity is a serious impediment and becomes a goal in itself, which is a sad truth in all spiritual practices today and of antiquity …

Spirituality humanised

If the iPad and its successor devices free everyday people to focus on what they do best, it will dramatically change people’s perceptions of computing from something to fear to something to engage enthusiastically with. We aim the same for the Universalist Radha-Krishnaism in the field of spirituality and modern thinking.

A spiritual journey from Sunol to Oregon, Berkeley, the Midwest and Hawaii

I love the sweet smell of Kilkare Woods. It signals my re-entry to Sunol. Twenty-three years ago, I pried myself away from here and my position as editor of the Sunolian. I now live in a yurt in the Hawaiian rain forest. A personal journey by Geraldine Baldassarre.

Gingerbread man’s dreams

It is a sad truth today — man is not only separated from the environment, but is disintegrated even inside, into quanta of incomprehensible, meaningless feelings and thoughts. Nothing holds him together anymore. Let’s explore how this relates to circumstances and change in one society of some 500 years ago.