It was raining last night
but we could feel rain was approaching, many days heretofore

Some gems were falling down
and some pearls scattered from heavens …
at least, that’s what they say. I was sleeping
trying to reach your hand in my dreams

They also say rain brings sadness …

Maybe I’d say rain brings hope
some new winds, twists and unfolds

You never know, even if it rains forever
when a new day will come,
bringing a moment of joy, unaltered vision
Thinning those murky clouds, silencing wuthering winds,
changing their course

and leaving yourself richer for a few drops,
coming out of sheer

happiness …

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One Response to “Raindrops”

  1. I just reread this because I noticed others were reading it and I forgot what it was. It is very inspiring and appropriate for me now. Thanks Zvonimir. Aloha.