A Concise Summary

I seek common ground with science and occasionally read a book to keep up with the latest trends. The material world is not a punishing apparatus, and we did not fall from paradise. Rather we are new souls springing from God-dess’s love and put here to evolve to the point where we can interact with God-dess on a conscious personal level just for fun. We can more or less make this world what we want, but as a species have made a mess of it.

The spiritual world can also be whatever we want. Ask and you shall receive. We need to know what to ask for. I don’t know about a spiritual world beyond this universe, but I know one exists inside me and seems to permeate everything on a different frequency, vibration, level, or dimension of existence. Getting in tune with that is what its all about.

– Steve

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2 Responses to “A Concise Summary”

  1. Rudra Prasad says:

    Truly, we did not fall from paradise. This earth itself can be heaven – only we have to make it/keep it as a heaven. Otherwise it will be a hell of violence. By earth an abode of love and devotion, this world would be the happiest heaven ever possible. Therefore let us make the efforts to make ‘shangrila’ in our own homes, instead of climbing mountains to reach it. Verily then, we can say of our homes, like mughal Emperor Jahangir said of Kashmir, that: “If there is paradise anywhere on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.”

  2. You are quite right Rudraji. Bhaktivinode Thakur wrote that he saw his home transformed into Vrindaban. We could all make it so by learning to see God-dess as the Ground of all Being manifest in all beings. When we learn to love one another as Radha-Krishna and their friends love each other, we will certainly experience heaven on earth. When we learn to view the earth as the sacred realm of God-dess and we as his-her hands, arms, legs, eyes, mouths, then we may really experience paradise wherever we may live.