Easter Reflections

After weeks of dismal clouds and rain, I woke up this morning with the rising sun on my face. I felt quite blissful and blessed like a true Easter miracle happened. I understood perfectly why people worship the sun–the source of light and life.

Later in the morning, the sun was covered by clouds again, although not as thickly as before. Yet now there’s another downpour. Throughout the day, the sun has been making brief appearances reminding me that sometimes that’s the way God-dess is too. He-she creates these brief epiphanies and then disappears again leaving us wanting more. Radha-Krishna even like to play such games of hide and seek with each other. They say, separation makes the heart grow fonder.

We must learn to draw strength, sustenance, and inspiration from those brief glimmers, inklings, and visions we receive. Cherish, nurture, and remember them to gain strength for the journey. Know that there is more to be revealed all in good time.

We all go through times of great joy and great suffering. Sometimes our whole world seems to fall apart. Then sometimes we manage to pick ourselves up again and start over one more time. It’s Easter morning again!

Drink deeply of the cup of life. Enjoy it fully as God-dess’ gift, and know that when the final end comes, it’s not the end after all, but a new beginning. Shine on because we are all children of the light.

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