Latest update—computer back

I got my computer back about a week ago. I had to spend quite a bit of time getting it set up again after a total restore. It’s still not totally back to where it needs to be, but it is functioning fine. Actually, I kind of enjoyed not having it for a week. I found plenty of other things to do like pray, meditate, sing, etc. more than usual. So I have not been back on the computer so much since getting it back either.

In fact, I’ve been away for three days attending the Island of Hawaii Conference on Health & Wellness Travel in North Kohala on the other side of the island. While I am certainly glad that I attended this informative conference, I’m also really glad to be home again in South Puna. I love living in this more remote, less populated, less touristy yet absolutely beautiful, amazing part of the island.

My wife and I have also enjoyed going to the Radha Krishna temple in Hilo the past couple of Sundays. They seem to be a pretty open group and we’re just slowly getting to know them and enjoying the program.

I also attended Durga Puja at the Sarada, Ramakrishna, Vivikananda Association in Honoka’a and joined the Pahoa Main Street Association. My main thrust this year aside from my own spiritual development is networking and community building. Jahnava and I feel this is the ideal community for us to be part of. Out of many international choices, lower Puna is the place for us. We invite you to visit us here and feel the magic, healing properties of this place. Aloha.

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