My path at this time

It’s mid-November in South Puna. We’ve been having a heat wave and dry weather. Yet, the past couple of weeks, we put much energy into installing a tile-hearth, woodstove and chimney for our yurt. Last night and this morning, the temperature seemed cooler than it has been. When I got up early this morning, the sky was clear, but I could see clouds to the NE where the trades come from. Rather than lighting a fire, I said, “Why don’t we just wait until the sun comes up and warms things up.” because that’s the way it been lately. It’s pouring now and quite chilly for here (we’re at about 1,000’ elevation, so it is a little cooler). Now, we’re both thinking of starting a fire at 9:00 am when yesterday, it was hot in here by then from the sun. I guess we got the stove in just in time. Still, it’s not bad for mid-November.

Some weeks ago, I asked the I Ching, “What is my path at this time?” It told me to meditate on that question while focusing on the here and now. I have been doing that, and I have come to a conclusion. My path is to cut back on different roles I have played in my life, such as life-coaching and astrology, and focus more on my personal spiritual growth and writing.

That is really why we moved to Hawaii. I am situated in a sustainable lifestyle—I literally chop wood and carry water—which allows me to be semi-retired, living a reclusive life of spiritual practices and writing. I have wanted this for a long time, and I am very grateful, that with the help of my wife, Jahnava, this is now a reality. Our home is a temple where Radha and Krishna are worshiped and we see this as Braja, their land. Our love is a reflection of their love. Jai Radhe!

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