Aloha from the volcano island

My brother in New York saw some stuff on the news about volcanic activity here and was concerned about our well-being. I just sent him this report.

It’s been over two weeks since there have been any volcano activity updates on the newspaper website link here. Instead they have a big article about a volcano in the Philippines. Yesterday I was driving home from the beach and it was a pretty clear day so I had a good view of the active area of the volcano. I pulled off at a good viewing spot. There seemed to be much more of a plume of fumes and stuff spewing into the sky forming a cloud over that area. There also seems to be more vog (SO2 gas) lately.

They don’t tell us much here. It’s mostly of interest to the tourists and volcanologists. It’s just a daily fact of life we live with and don’t think much about. Sure, there are risks, but there are risks of so many different things everywhere all the time. Don’t worry. Be happy. Life is good. Enjoy it while you can. Aloha.

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