The Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry

Last week, a neighbor recommended I speak to Roger Christie, Cannabis Sacrament Minister and Counselor with The Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry. I looked him up on the web and read his site quite thoroughly. I was impressed. He seemed like a very sincere, intelligent, dedicated crusader for freedom of religion. He has done remarkably well in being recognized for his work here on the Big Island. Joining The Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry and using the tools Roger provides seems to be an effective way to avoid negative encounters with law enforcement by asserting our religious right to use the Cannabis Sacrament.

I met Roger at his second floor, bay front office in downtown Hilo at noon, Monday. I introduced myself and gave him one of my brochures. We spent over an hour and a half together during which time he explained the basis of The Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry. It is quite credible. I asked if it would be OK to share a bowl of sacrament together right there. He explained that from 9 to 5 it is a professional office building, and out of respect for others he does not burn or vaporize sacrament during those hours.

He did administer sacrament to me in two other forms. First he gave me a drop of tincture under my tongue in a homeopathic dosage. Then he anointed me with oil which is made using the same formula given in the Bible for the anointing of kings, priests, prophets and messiahs including Jesus. The original formula called for five gallons of olive oil with 6.6 pounds of bud soaked in it along with other herbs. He makes a cup at a time. He showed me evidence that this was the true formula. He placed some drops on my wrists and the top of my head at the crown chakra. I put some from my wrists on my forehead for my third eye. Roger said that in Old Testament days a horn full was used. The whole effect was very nice and spiritually uplifting. I felt a new birth and healing taking place. I can now use the sacred herb without fear of the law.

I know my rights and have documents to back me up. I carry a card identifying me as a Religious Practitioner & Caregiver of Cannabis Hemp. I have Sacred Plant and Sacrament tags in my sacrament bags. I have a certificate on the wall of my home identifying it as “Sanctuary: a place of refuge for the religious practice of Cannabis Sacrament.” He will also mail me extensive documentation and legal precedents as part of The Sanctuary Kit which he also sells on the web. This is supposed to work in other states as well as Canada or anywhere religious freedom is guaranteed by law. There is also an Amsterdam THC Ministry as well as others. “We use cannabis religiously and you can too.”

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