The Sacred Herb

I have been using cannabis spiritually since 1965. I really believe that it is one of the great sacred plants given humanity by God to help us become God conscious. Back in the 60s, Allen Ginsburgh taught us to chant Om Shiva Shankara Hara Hara Ganja before smoking for protection and a better high. High is a spiritual term. We want that ecstatic vision, that beatific high. Many of Shivas followers in India smoke religiously. In 1975, I became aware of the Rasta religion and identified with that very closely also. You see, I am truly an eclectic universalist and adopt the best of everything. I must point out that I did not smoke while in ISKCON 1967-74 or while in seminary or serving as a pastor (I drank then. It was much more acceptable.)

Cannabis is used in many cultures spiritually. There’s an interesting passage in Jaiva Dharma, where a Gaudiya Vaishnava main character sees a couple of Sri Vaishnavas smoking cannabis under a tree by his house and goes to inquire of them in spiritual matters.

Now, I find it is also the sacred annointing oil, the balm of the nations, etc. Heck, I just know it from much personal experience with many persons, it is a spiritual herb, a sacrament that is able to liberate the mind from a certain level of maya. In the hippie/beat movement, there was always a large group of spiritually minded persons who use herb and LSD sacramentally while others were joy trippers or speed freaks. It is especially good when used with mantra chanting and other raganuga sadhana practices as I do them. I don’t say it is good for everyone. Some persons experience a negative effect. I remain clear headed and active. I think if more persons used herb rather than alcohol, ice or tobacco, the world would be a much better place.

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