Where I Stand (1)

I am trying to be faithful to the broadness of spirit found in the writtings of Srila Bhaktivinode.

I am well aware of the faults of Christianity, yet there are lessons to be learned from them as the former mainline Christian denominations have learned and changed and adapted. Christianity is certainly not a Western religion, yet it has managed to adapt to the West as well as to the East. Indigenous interpretations and expressions of Christianity by Africans and Asians show its fluidity. Bhaktivinode Thakur wanted an indigenous Western expression of raganuga bhakti to develop. As his heir, I feel it my duty to do this.

I’m not a real proponent of Christianity. I cross and transcend all religious boundaries and do not like organized religion. I am not interested in religion. I am interested in mystical spirituality. I took a test presented on Gaudiya Discussions and scored highest on neo-paganism. Perhaps that’s where what may be called my sahajiya nature comes from or from what Robert Bly called the wildman or what Osho calls Zorba the Buddha.

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