Incredible connections

My wife just called from work to tell me about an incredible thing that happened this morning. She broke her rule of never picking up men hitch-hikers. The guy she picked up was the devotee from the Bob Marley festival that I had thought of approaching. They talked a lot and were on the same wave-length. He’s supposed to call tonight and maybe get together. Unfortunately, he has to leave the island soon. Things are magical around here.

On the way back from the Marley fest, my wife was driving the car and a couple of women around my age asked her for a ride. She agreed. We got to talking and one of them was in New Vrindaban with me in ’80 and knew my ex-wife who was a devotee there. This woman was a fringe devotee for many years and had even been to Vrindaban.

I’ve met all kinds of people here: a whale & dolphin telepathic communications researche; a UFO expert; a spiritual healer and counselor; the United Church of Christ Conference Minister and many other wonderful persons on the spiritual path of life which we are able to walk together in peace and harmony. May it be so.

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