Common Ground

Tomorrow I’m going down to Kzoo to hang with the pagans. It’s Pagan Pride Day there with a big festival in the park. I’ll give a seminar in the morning on “Walking In the Light” and in the afternoon I’ll be part of an interfaith roundtable discussing our similarities. The rest of the day will be networking and enjoying the happenings with my wife. They’re predictiing rain, but hopefully it won’t be too bad. I’m really looking forward to the day. The next Saturday I’ll be at Pagan Pride Day in Grand Rapids. It’s interesting that in this conservative Christian area of SW Michigan there are two Pagan Pride celebrations.

I’m an eclectic spiritual guide and minister. I enjoy being able to bridge the gaps between Christian, new age, pagan, Hindu, Sufi and other groups. It seems they all have a piece of the truth, some more than others, and that there is a spiritual, mystical, wisdom tradition that weaves through them all and is the connecting link. If only we could get beyond narrow sectarian views that divide us and see the common Ground of All Being that unites us.



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