This is the second anniversary of when we had the shit scarred out of us and we agreed to trade our freedom for security. Two years into the war on terror, wars in two countries that we have focused on and how many that have gone under the radar. Are we any safer? Are we less free? To me, it seems the terrorists have won. Many Americans are still terrified and willing to give up what ever it takes to be “safe.”

How safe are we ever? We’re all going to die. What about all the persons who die from auto accidents, cancer, heart attacks, murder, AIDS and all the other causes of death? We’re in such denial about the temporary nature of existence in this world. We think we can live here forever. It would be better if we learned to live here in peace and love and accepted that the body is temporary but the soul is eternal. Once we accept death as a given, but realize we will go on, life becomes much more simple and enjoyable. Give it a try. Look out for your real self-interest, not what the propaganda machine is telling you to worry about.



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