Spirituality vs. Religion

So I went to the Pagan Pride Day yesterday and had a good time over-all. I was invited to give talks at two other places. I must admit I was uncomfortable at the interfaith roundtable. The president of the Interfaith Dialogue Association is a friend of mine and a Hindu. He invited me to be part of this roundtable. I’ve done other panel discussions with this group in the past. However, then I was a progressive Christian minister and would represent a Christian perspective. I can no longer do that. In the past year, I have become much more irreligious, iconoclastic and untraditional.

I feel turned off by religion and say so. I have seen it so misused and destructive. I have gained much from my practice of various religious traditions, but I have also left much behind. I make a distinction between religion and spirituality and prefer spirituality. I consider myself to be in the mystical wisdom tradition and see an essential kernel in the various faiths. I am only interested in that sweet kernel and reject the dry husk and hull.

I hold a weekly eclectic spiritual meeting at my house on Sunday evenings called The Gathering. Tonight’s topic is “Spirituality vs. Religion.” I hope you will come some time.



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