What shall I call myself?

I wish there were a simple thing I could call myself. “I’m a ….” However, at this time in my life, I haven’t been able to find that. So, I say I am an eclectic spiritual guide, minister and life coach. I draw upon the best teachings and traditions both ancient and modern along with my own self-realization which allows me to separate the wheat from the chaff and combine different streams into a very exciting mix.

I have no dogma or systematic theology that I adhere to. It is primarily a state of consciousness in which I empty myself of the mundane ego and devote my life to the selfless devotional service of the Supreme. I am a vessel of God’s love and grace which I allow to flow through me for the benefit of all.

I cannot apply the old standard designations because they carry too much baggage which I have rejected. I stand in no one tradition, but many flow through me. Ultimately, all I have to offer is myself and the distilled wisdom and realization I have accumulated in my lifetimes. I am a well available for those who wish to drink deeply of the spiritual essence.

May peace be with you,


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