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Universalist Radha-Krishnaism a review by Jagadananda Das

This book is sufficiently important that its wide dissemination amongst devotees is a desideratum. . . . old beliefs are given apparently radical new interpretations that widen their scope and potential for meaning. . . . Subal [Steve Bohlert] has done a great service by introducing or naming the Vaishnava concept of deity as panentheism. . . . I favor rāgānugā [natural devotion], as it seems does Subal, precisely because it . . . is about reforming the id-controlled ego into a love-permeated ego. . . . There is no doubt that Subal’s is an important brick in the wall of religious discourse . . . His great contribution . . . is that he has gone out on a limb and attempted to make a coherent and systematic presentation of Radha-Krishna according to his vision. This means of course that he has set himself up for criticism, but that kind of courage is what is needed to push the discourse further. — Jagadananda Das/Jan Brzezinski, translator and annotator of Mystic Poetry: Rupa Gosvamin’s Uddhava-sandeÅ›a & HamsadÅ«ta.

The Place of the Hidden Moon: Erotic Mysticism (Expanded)

The Place of the Hidden Moon: Erotic Mysticism in the Vaishnava-sahajiya Cult of Bengal, by Edward C. Dimock, Jr. SOME EXCERPTS AND COMMENTS In her 1989 foreword, Wendy Doniger says: This is the most reliable and indeed altogether the best book I know on all of the many Indological subjects with which it deals, some […]