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Nature of the Absolute – Part 3

Vedic metaphor suggests something like this: suppose an expansion of God-dess sleeps and dreams this world. God-dess’ dream creates a “reality” that goes on for billions of human years, measures billions of light years across, and seems so solid and captivating that some believe it is all that exists. Yet it is a dream, an […]

Nature of the Absolute (cont.)

Cosmic Consciousness is higher than Undifferentiated Oneness in the hierarchy of manifestations as we understand the absolute, personal God-dess. Undifferentiated Oneness constitutes the basic reality underlying all concrete formations. Cosmic Consciousness cognizes, controls, and regulates the concrete formations. From our perspective, Cosmic Consciousness implies a differentiated, qualified state of God-dess. Cosmic Consciousness is qualified in […]

Nature of the Absolute (cont.)

God-dess’ body and its owner are not two different principles like the difference between the body and soul of living entities in the physical world. God-dess’ body and its owner both consist of consciousness and bliss. The same eternal spiritual principle manifests God-dess’ names, attributes, activities, and abodes. God-dess is not different internally or externally. […]