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Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, John O’Donohue, Harper Perennial, 2005 Beauty does not linger, it only visits. Yet beauty’s visitation affects us and invites us into its rhythm, it calls us to feel, think, and act beautifully in the world: to create and live a life that awakens the Beautiful. Beauty is a gentle but urgent […]

From Where You Dream

I’m reading a very interesting book, From Where You Dream: The Process of Writing Fiction, by Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Robert Olen Butler. It seems the process of writing literary fiction is quite similar to the process of natural devotion in which we enter into a loving relationship with Radha-Krishna. They both involve a daily entrance […]

Inner vs Outward Practice

I used to be quite an ecstatic dancer in kirtan, but now I don’t do that. I think it’s a cultural practice that just isn’t part of the culture I live in. Now kirtan is my wife and I chanting sitting before our home altar. Just as the Orissa devotees moved from loud kirtans to […]

Radha-Krishna, the Divine Couple (Part 4)

Thus, we arrive at a point where the highest human conception of God-dess and the highest service one can render them is for them to be a loving young couple, with us as their friends and lovers, totally unaware of their divinity. Deep, intense love remains the key element.

Radha-Krishna, the Divine Couple (Part 4)

The associates please God-dess according to their particular relationship, like servant, friend, parent, or lover. This relationship does not derive from birth or an external ceremony like adoption or marriage, but it derives from the specific emotion or devotional love an associate manifests. Natural devotional practice includes cultivating an emotional, loving relationship with God-dess. God-dess […]