Back from Sabbatical

Steve Bohlert

I am back from sabbatical, ready to engage the world again. I stopped following news, thinking (as much as possible), and doing spiritual practices meant to get me to Braj in the next life (or anywhere else). Rather, I focused on studying Taoism and Zen with Alan Watts and others, enjoy life here and now without purpose, and feel new energy for the next period of life. My stress levels are down as I accept life is perfect just as it is. I enjoy expressing myself through the wordless media of photography.

I previously wrote three books: 1. Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: The Way of Natural Devotion; A Practitioner’s Handbook meant to provide the practitioner with everything needed in summary form. 2. An Authentic Life: A Spiritual Autobiography that shows how I lived a life of natural devotion in my own unique, inimitable way. 3. Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: A Theological Perspective for those seeking a more systematic theology. Along with numerous articles and essays.

However, we must understand that the divine, ultimate, absolute, Godhead, God-dess, etc. is certainly unable to be contained by our words and thoughts, which are all derived from material conceptions. After years of meditating on Braj and my role there, if Radha-Krishna don’t know me by now . . . Braj and life there is so much more than I can imagine. Why not be open to God-dess’ mercy in whatever form it’s offered? I’m just open to life, death, and the next life as it comes with excited expectation. My faith is stronger than belief in this or that. I let go of all beliefs without rejection. They are always limited by what we can conceive and verbalize. Eternal life is a great mystery to be lived fully right now, and I’m adrift in its flow.

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